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Interviews with U.S. film director Jeff Feuerzeig and Irish author Barry McCrea

In this edition of Madrid Live, we pay tribute to visionary artist and musician Daniel Johnston who died a few months ago.  We talk to Jeff Feuerzeig who made a documentary about Johnston’s life called "The Devil and Daniel Johnston". In the film, Feuerzeig features interviews with people who knew Daniel, as well as songs he recorded on cassettes, and video clips about his life.

Daniel Johnston became well known in the '90s when Nirvana lead singer Kurt Cobain referred to him as the "greatest songwriter on Earth". In fact, some of Johnston’s songs were covered by Nirvana, Sonic Youth and even David Bowie.

Plus Ann Bateson’s interview with Irish writer Barry McCrea about his novel "The First Verse". Barry’s main character Niall goes to Trinity College, Dublin and meets a couple of students who decide that signs and symbols from books should determine their actions. What starts off being an intriguing game for Niall becomes increasingly dramatic and addictive. "The First Verse", which has been described as "a dazzling fictional and intellectual debut", has also been published in Spanish.

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